Organically Certified

Long Shelf Life


No Added Sugars

Production From Our Own Natural Farm

  1. Within 30 minutes of harvesting, our berries are shock-frozen at 0°C.
  2. They remain in the shock-freezer for a few hours at temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius.
  3. Then, they go into the freeze-drying machine where the ice crystals evaporate. In 20-24 hours, the process is complete, preserving all vitamins and minerals.

Panfruit USA's Freeze-Dried Products

Panfruit USA specializes in delicately crispy fruits, berries, and vegetables, crafted using advanced freeze-drying technology that preserves 97% of their nutritional properties, taste, texture, and original aroma.

We employ a gentle freeze-drying process in a vacuum environment to transform freshly harvested, frozen produce into natural delights available year-round, appealing even to the most discerning gourmets. Our products are 100% natural, free from preservatives, artificial colors, or added sugars.

As the manufacturer, we ensure high quality by overseeing every stage from cultivation and harvest to storage. Fruits are picked ripe, swiftly cooled within 30 minutes, and freeze-dried right in the fields of our environmentally-safe farmlands. We prioritize soil health with organic farming practices.